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Worry Less, Dance More

Raz Entertainment

*About Raz:*

Raz is a fixture in Mumbai's most prominent venues, charting an impressive tour across the city. His eclectic musical palette spans Retro, Bollywood, Hip-Hop, and Commercial genres, infused with a dash of funk, disco, and jazz for added flair. Commanding stages in Restro-Bars, Clubs, and Lounges, Raz expertly curates his extensive record collection. A master of the dancefloor, he effortlessly navigates the realms of original tracks and remixes, showcasing his prowess at events like Radio Mirchi award nights and Destination Weddings.

Passionate and proactive, Raz is a VDJ & KJ extraordinaire, collaborating across various musical genres, bringing an explosive musical experience to clubs. His profound love for global music sets him apart, making him a dynamic force in the industry.

*Also Offering:*

Raz Entertainment provides comprehensive consultation and support for all event types, delivering a fully customized service tailored to each client's needs. From weddings to corporate meetings and gala dinners, Raz brings professionalism to the forefront. He identifies the event's message, concept, and image, meticulously planning logistics and technical aspects, including budget, locations, vendors, and equipment.

Choosing Raz Entertainment ensures that every event aligns with the client's vision. Rather than imposing a predefined style, Raz proposes diverse solutions, catering to each customer's unique preferences and requirements.

For inquiries and bookings, contact Raz Entertainment for an event experience crafted to perfection.

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